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IMG_0920_7_1.JPG (688672 bytes)IMG_0921_8_1.JPG (626038 bytes)Work continued on the roof today. We started getting some of the new metal sheeting up and into place. It's been quite hot and without the breeze of previous years we are really feeling it.

IMG_0922_9_1.JPG (695694 bytes)The wooden rafters are in much better shape than we anticipated. However, there was some unexpected work on the gutters that needed attention before we can really get going at full pace. Lynn was busy applying a waterproofing to some of the strapping which will be used.

Personally, I was busy shooting another school today. Eric Nowak and one of our translators, Judith, came with me to the church we attended on Sunday to photograph 96 children. It only took us 2 hours to get it done! When I got back to our HQ I was able to put the names and photographs together in about 3 hours. We came up with a more efficient system and it worked!

IMG_0903_3_1.JPG (415726 bytes)IMG_0914_6_1.JPG (486562 bytes)While we were there waiting for our ride home we were witness to the feeding program there. Here are some pictures of the cooks in the kitchen. Everyone down here loves to have their picture taken! Also pictured are the kids lined up and receiving their Barley soup.

IMG_0900_1_1.JPG (260648 bytes)IMG_0901_2_1.JPG (236286 bytes)This church and the school came about from the feeding program. A school and a church usually follow the establishment of feeding program for the kids. In this particular case Larry & Donna have received private funding from a benefactor and here are some pictures of portions of the school now under construction. There is a real need here as the school is ready to expand their capacity before the classrooms are built.

I expect to find myself at the Managua City Dump tomorrow or Thursday to photograph the pre-school children at that location.

IMG_0756_4_1.JPG (359351 bytes)Larry & Donna have a pet monkey this year. Pastor David, who was our translator last year, sent it up from the island on Lake Nicaragua. Donna wanted to name him King Kong but have since discovered that it's a female! So now we affectionately call her "Queen Kong". She's quite friendly as you can see in this picture with Lisa.



IMG_0724_1_1.JPG (610867 bytes)IMG_0726_3_1.JPG (448501 bytes)I mentioned the Bike Shop previously but didn't have any pictures to show at the time. Here are a couple of interior shots of the shop which has now moved over into the new warehouse. Antonio is going full speed ahead fixing up all the donated bikes. By the way if you have any bikes - in any condition - there is a drop-off location on the South Service Road near Erin Mills and the QEW. Email me for the exact details.

IMG_0934_1_1_1.JPG (408173 bytes)Penny-Jane is working, as I type, on the craft project for the kids tomorrow. She has brought down materials to make a Canadian pendant with the Nicaraguan children. When she returns home she will have the kids in her Saturday morning class make a Nicaraguan pendant.

The children from Canada have created a piece of Collage Art to hang in the Nicaraguan School here at World Mission Outreach. The children here will be making some printmaking art for the kids back home. The dialogue has made both countries more aware of each others culture.

The crew looking after dry-walling the medical centre are doing quite well and will be sanding the joints and likely get a good start on painting tomorrow.