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                        Here are some of the Comments & Encouragements we have received:

Feb. 18th

Enjoyed the update on line this a.m. and have been praying for you.  Glad you arrived safely and all your baggage a bit later... God bless you all there in His ministry.             Kathleen Lievers, North Bay

Hi to all,
It was great to hear that you all made it safely.  I am very jealous as I look at the pictures!  I can see that you did  not have great difficulty deciding what to do for your first afternoon!
Are the winds any less this year?  You guys on the careful!  I may not be there, but I can still lend my voice to the work!
We are praying for all of you each day.    Kathy Rennie, Burlington

Greetings from the cold north!

Thank you Bruce for including us in your daily email updates from Managua .  It is the first “Family Day” today-Monday, and we hope what ever you are working at, you will be getting paid “time and a half”!!  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and we wish you a joyous, healthy and fulfilling week.  From our experience in Central America , it will be one of your most worthwhile weeks of your life!

We as a family are moving house this Friday (downsizing) and we are amazed (and somewhat embarrassed) at how much “stuff’ we have, especially when comparing us to the “Kilometer 19” families.  They have so little, but so many are genuinely happy and content with their life.  The people there have been and will be touched by God’s work through Larry and Donna and the work teams that go down to better the Nicaraguan lives.  Again, thank you for the updates, and we look forward to hearing how your week is going.

Christian Love, Dave and Gail McGregor, Brampton

Feb. 19th

The Mission Team
Just a few words of encouragement from perhaps halfway around the world, precisely Lusaka, Zambia.
Judy and I are praying for your safety, satisfaction, and success, in your service for our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We trust that all would be honouring and glorifying to His precious Name.
We miss being with you. On the three previous occasions we have been with you we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the diversity and the co-operation between the team members. We trust it will continue this year.
We are having a great time here in Africa amongst the Elephants and Lions, The closest they have ever been. Judy had to move to the other side of the Land Rover, the Elephant seemed to have wanted to hitch a ride.
The Guest House renovation with CMML Flight Service is progressing well. We are thankful.
Trust everyone keeps well and pray you will be blessed because you have chosen to be there.
Yours in Him
 Wayne & Judy

Enjoying your day to day updates!   The pictures are so informative.  We can actually see the progress of "the roof" and how hard everyone is working.   We are impressed with the happy faces of the Nicaraguan people, even though they have so little...very humbling. 
Praying that God will bless you and keep you all safe!
 Joyce & Harold Dugard, North Bay, Ontario


Feb. 20th

The diaries and pictures are great and they always remind me to pray for all of you – Thanks!
Rumford, Missagua

Hi to Lynn and all! Enjoy the warm sun - we are 20 below tonight. Praying for you,
Love Jean Dellandrea, North Bay

Hi to everyone -  God bless you for your faithfulness to the job at hand.  Keep up the good work, wish we were there... it is freezing here right now, so you don't want to rush home.  We really enjoy reading the daily reports and seeing the pictures of the work you are accomplishing.

Thank you to each and every one... God bless and we will continue to pray for your safety and success in completing the work.
John and Nancy Jones, Oakville

The site looks good and you guys are doing a great work.  Keep it up!
Good job on photographing all the kids.  Maybe you missed your
calling, working as a school photographer for Jostens or something
like that!  ;-) 

Please pass on special greetings to Lisa, Sae and Sterling!  Tell
them to keep up the great work too!

Take care,
Chris Rennie, Washington D.C.

Keep up the good work guys!  Looks like you are really making a positive impact!  Your families all miss you but are glad to see you are spreading the love.
Sean McIntosh, Austin TX