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I was busy until 8:00 p.m. finishing up the photos of the school children and Marlene Warwick has written up our daily report...

We started bright and early with breakfast at 6:30 and off to our jobs by 7:30 a.m. It was very humid today and not much wind for a breeze.

IMG_0782_10_1.JPG (344059 bytes)IMG_0793_12_1.JPG (605732 bytes)We came with 25 hockey bags full of some of the best clothing we have seen. There were may items that have not even been worn. Verla, Aletha and Marlene spent most of the day sorting them and we began the process of allowing the staff and workers to choose items for themselves and their IMG_0794_13_1.JPG (522040 bytes)families. We intend to open the doors tomorrow to allow people living in the area to choose clothing as well. In addition, Aletha has spent much time in sorting out the items for the Ladies Prison Ministry. We have found that Donna sponsors some 60 - 66 ladies and has provided new mattresses, bedding, fans, etc. A number of the ladies will be visiting the prison on Friday morning.

IMG_0654_1_1.JPG (421680 bytes)IMG_0656_2_1.JPG (465422 bytes)Work began on the roof first thing this morning. Megan, Lynne, and Caitlin were just moving along the roof like they belonged there. What a way to show up the guys! Go girls go!!!!We've had some scrapes and bruises and ask that you pray for safety. Needless to say, all the roof came down. IMG_0718_8_1.JPG (441411 bytes)Tomorrow will bring a new day with a new roof. Thanks to Sae, Keith, Matt, John Campbell, Penny Jane, Lynn, Meagan, Caitlin and Sterling. Oh, and just a note, Megan was afraid of heights, now she can go up and down a 10 foot ladder like it was a piece of cake.

IMG_0719_9_1.JPG (680667 bytes)IMG_0788_11_1.JPG (674026 bytes)It's amazing what gets recycled here. As the old roof comes down its being placed in areas for the workers to come along at the end of the day and load up their trucks or horse and cart to take away. They will use this to patch they're own roofs. Their homes being no more than one or two rooms at the most. 

Another area in full swing today was the painting of the steel Re-Bar where they have begun building a room and have been unable to complete. Wilma and Ruth under the direction of John Cachia had to not only clean the steel first, but then had to paint using using rust-proof paint. What a sight to see. They looked like they were spotted leopards. These lucky ladies get to go back and do it again tomorrow. 

Our chief handyman, Roger, has been getting a "TO DO" list of his very own. We've had him fixing the cabinet doors with help from Doug; plumbing problems in Ruth & Stuart's room along with door issues in Marlene's & Lynne's room. Believe it or not, there is some "roughing it" going on. In spite of the fact that Larry has had a plumber in to provide hot water for our showers, it's still like going for a dip in Lake Ontario in January! Doug has the wonderful job of getting the electrical wires run in the Mission hospital.

IMG_0714_6_1.JPG (537757 bytes)IMG_0715_7_1.JPG (276842 bytes)Kudos go to Marlene for endeavoring to keep the water flowing to the upper reaches (that's roof in case you don't know) and when she threw a bottle to Sae, poor Roger had to duck. She almost got him! But all is well. Eric was kind enough to not snicker too much when picking up the bottle and throwing it up to him.

It is now 6:00 pm and we are all exhausted from one of the most difficult days we've all experienced.

Poor Bruce, he's got the job of a lifetime. He's chief photographer and requires two assistants while he tries to photograph 88 students today and another 166 tomorrow out of a total of 1,500 which is Larry's dream. Larry thinks Bruce is a whiz at this and it should be no problem. At this rate Bruce will never sleep... After much discussion, Larry will be pleased to have 300 - 400 completed by week's end.

The photos are for Larry's web-site so that people can sponsor a child. This way you can see the child you're sponsoring and don't have to wait for a package to come in the mail.

Please keep everyone in your prayers. Some of the work is quite challenging and your prayers for safety are very important to each and everyone of us here on the Mission field..