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We all arrived safely with all our baggage. Some of our  hockey bags were opened by customs for inspection and had all the shrink wrap removed. They made it safely despite being unwrapped

However... my laptop has died and I can't restart it right now. I hope to get it going but in the mean time I won't be able to post any pictures with this text.

IMG_2942_4.JPG (61667 bytes)Today we "slept in" 'till 7 a.m. and had a delicious breakfast. We were on our own to look around the property until 12:30 when we headed out to the beach-front property which is to be known as Fairhaven Retreat Center. We packed a picnic lunch to have after the one hour trip from the Mission.

IMG_2974_3.JPG (56523 bytes)Most of us went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean and some went for a ride up and down the beach on the two All Terrain Vehicles that Larry & Donna had on site.

Before heading out to the beach Bruce, Greg, Graham & Howard set up the new sound system in the church. It didn't take too long and then we had quite a jam session! We almost missed the bus to the beach!

IMG_2989_1.JPG (41898 bytes)I really have to thank all the people that donated money to purchase this equipment. I especially want to thank Norm Thornton at Long & McQuade Burlington for his help in acquiring all the equipment. He was very gracious; giving us very good prices on the big items and donated a large number of cables, mic & music stands and a case for the mixer. Thank you Norm, on behalf of the team and the many Nicaraguans that will be ministered to.

IMG_2978_1.JPG (45541 bytes)IMG_2980_2.JPG (39453 bytes)After we got back from the ocean we attended a service at the church where Greg, Bruce & Howard played many of their favourite Praise & Worship songs. John Campbell gave a message as well as Gerard Jolin & Roger Keller.

After a late dinner John Campbell outlined the various projects for the week and assigned people to tackle them.