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Feb. 13th

Hey Bruce. Great job on the reports and pictures. I noticed that John Cachia's name has been conspicuously absent - you might want to check to see if he's stuck in one of those container cars loaded with musty clothes!

I would have loved to be down here with all of you. I am looking forward to next year's trip.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Breen

Hi to all,
Wonderful to see the pics and hear of the recent work done. Enjoy the day of touring and the evening at the beach. That sounds sooo good! Of course, you only get to the beach after a week's hard work!
We shall look forward to seeing you all safely home very soon. How quickly one week goes!
God bless,
Kathy Rennie

Hi OBC team members. I am truly amazed at the variety of work you got done. What a combination of skills you assembled for the team. You guys set the standard for a well thought out trip. Getting all the materials and tools and everything else together for the trip is quite a logistical feat. Wonderful work and the reports are very inspiring.
John Pellowe

Bruce, your website is excellent! What a great job! I bring it up
daily so that I can pray intelligently. Thank you!!

Thank you again,
Pope Stewart

You guys are doing great! Please send my best wishes to Marlene Warwick and the entire crew. It looks like fun and you’re doing a lot of work!
Kindest regards,
Joseph Tavano

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Feb. 12th

We're enjoying reading the updates and seeing the photos. Your team is certainly making lots of accomplishments. We'd love to see a photo of Garrett!
We look forward to seeing you both next week and hearing all about your many adventrues.
Lots of love,
Cynthia, Paul and Emery

Hi Everyone,
Great to hear of the work being done, and how it all impacts the overall mission. Thanks Bruce for your daily reports – it sure is neat to be able to get (almost) live reports, and to hear how the Lord is blessing your efforts. We are praying for you all for your strength and safety, and trust all will continue to go well.
Hi to Rodger, & Verla, to Anne and Wilma& John, and to Aletha and Doug – blessings to all
Cheryl & Bob Clode

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted you to know that you were prayed for at the Wed. night prayer meeting last night. You are doing a great job. It is amazing how many things can be accomplished in just one week!
By the way, on Sunday David Cho, son of John and Crystal trusted the Lord after the service. Praise the Lord!
Keep up the good work and the Lord bless you all.
Kathy Rennie

The team has been doing the Lord's work - accomplished a lot!! I have
enjoyed the reports. Plenty of rain here and high temps (10 C)
yesterday. God bless you all. Be glad to see your pics when you
return, Bruce

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Feb. 11th

Hi Bruce!
I have been keeping up with the daily updates.  I just wanted you to read a word of encouragement to the team for me as soon as you get this.
Hello team 2009!
It is a great honor to be workers of the Lord.  Seeing everyone hard at work, no matter how small or how great the work is, the Lord still blesses and rewards those who seek to do His will.  I have been keepig up with the daily reports and seeing some older faces has brighten my days.  I miss not being with you this year.  But know that I am praying for your safety(we don't want a repeat of people going through roofs) and for your strenght to hold out until the week is over.  This is the mid point for all of you and the task may be getting harder and more tiring.  Keep at it!!  You are doing a great job as I am sure that you are being told so by Larry!! I recall having more strenght after some singing time!! And maybe a couple of jamming sessions!!
I was reading a few passages this morning and thought that you could benefit from these as much as I have.
Matt 12:35 "A good person, out of the good treasure of the heart, brings forth good things."
Prov 10:7  "Good people will be remembered as a blessing..."
I hope that these simple words will be an encouragement and give you a lift to the heart as you tackle another day!!
Have a great end of the week and I will be keeping in touch through the daily reports.  God bless your hard work!!
Bruce:  can you give Penny a great big hug and a warm hello for me?!  And Roger and his wife!
Wow!!  they amaze me!!
Tell me all the details when I see you again!

Lynn Beaudry


Hi y'all!
I am enjoying reading your daily reports - it sounds like you are all working really hard. We all wish that we could be there with you. I especially miss the heat although it is very springlike here and the snow is melting fast.

Wilma, I wish I could be there to help you paint!!! Is Antonio still in the bike shop?
 If so say hello from Matt. Have a great week and we will be praying for you every day.
Bye for now,
 Ruth and Stuart


Dear All on Oakridge Missions Team,

We are delighted to get such detailed news each day. Thanks Bruce, don't know how you have the time or energy after such busy days. As we read of the allotted jobs we can just picture you all, and Fred was especially glad to see Verla today and hear about Rodger -- after all they are 'Lively Oaks' and mean a lot to us!  Of course you all do, and we are praying for you each day.

Tell Anne that we were visiting Addy yesterday and the Seniors were playing Bingo in the lounge there --its a game for all ages. Addy was interested in hearing about your mission. It was also great to see the boy with his kite. He will treasure that.

Good job Wilma and Marlene, the walls look great. Must have been hard work.

The first Sunday report came and Fred thought you had all just gone for a vacation --swimming in the ocean etc. Now he knows -- however, we hope you get a  chance to go again on the last day.   Looking forward to more news and praying each day,

Much love,  Barb and Fred.


I'm amazed at the variety of skills the team has in handling the various
jobs that must be done down there.
Ray Pellowe


I LOVE these daily updates!  What a wonderful way to keep us up-to-date with the wonderful work you are doing in Nicaragua.  Marlene has shared photos and stories of past trips and we have loved to hear about the impact this amazing group has made.  I can just imagine Anne with the school children!  I smile to think of it!

Thank you for your caring hearts and for serving Him in this way.  

Ron and I have both participated annually in a Mission trip to Guatemala so as reading your daily updates, we are reminded of us of the sweet, lovely, vulnerable families and feel a tug to go back!

So, a warm hello from us in Oakville as we continue to support you in prayer.  Bless you as you minister in Nicaragua!

Joyce (and Ron) Shantz

Feb. 10th

Hello All,

I hope you are already settled in and enjoying the daily routine of
life in Nicaragua. My heart is sad that I can not be there with you
all this year, however I am happy to know that there is a great team
down there completing the work that Oakridge started so long ago.

As many of you are veteran mission workers you know as well as I do, the
amazing impact one week of hard work can have on the lives of the
beautiful people of Nicaragua.

Please say "HI" to all the kiddies for me, shower them with love and
affection (and candies) (Eric I know you are already on that :) )
and let them know that even in the cold, dark Canadian winter they
are thought of with great affection and love.

Special shout outs to Larry and Donna,John and Wilma Roger and Verla,
Aletha and Doug, Greg Penny, Miss Penelope :) Miss Marlene :) John
Cachia, Eric Jolin and of course the man with the blog Bruce Pellowe.

Know that you are all in our hearts and prayers, and that I am
thankful that there are people like you in this world who give up
their time and energy to help others as you do. Be safe, and most
importantly enjoy your time among these amazing people, in such an
amazing country as Nicaragua. I look forward to hearing about your
trip and seeing the pictures.

God bless you all,
Megan Penman


Hey All!

Hope that you guys had a great trip down to Nicarauga, I am very jealous of the weather you are having it is 3 degrees here and raining. I am very sad that I couldn't be with you this year, but I am excited to hear and read all about the amazing work you are doing while there this week. Be encouraged even when the work is hard and know that you are building the kingdom and doing good work. Hope you have a great and productive week!

Lots of Love,
Matt Penman


Hi to all,
It is great to see the pics and hear of the work going on. So Wilma, did you find a new partner for Rummicube? ( I can bet it is Aletha!) How many games did you manage to get in before someone discovered your hide-away?? Might be better to be on a team other than the boss's!!

Is Marlene doing the food again? Keep everyone well fed and you get lots of work from them.
Roger and Verla... behave yourselves and stay healthy!
We are remembering you all in prayer.

Our love to Larry and Donna.
Kathy and Jim Rennie

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