Tuesday Feb. 20th
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IMG_9446_1_1.JPG (141894 bytes)IMG_9447_2_1.JPG (135607 bytes)The bike shop is coming along. Today the tools were unpacked, the bike vice set up, drywall was finished, tools hung on the wall and our first customer came to have a flat tire fixed. We're open for business!

The guys will train a local person how to use the tools and run the shop. From here on it will be in their hands.

IMG_9493_10_1.JPG (250112 bytes)IMG_9500_1_1.JPG (296197 bytes)One of the projects involves on orchard of plantain trees. The harvest will be used in the feeding programs and local people will be employed to pick the fruit.

Today the ladies planted 132 trees. Judy Ferguson, Lisa Rennie, Megan Penman, Ruth Penman, Muriel Arsenault, Marlene Warwick, Gail McGregor & Penny Southworth under the direction of Wayne Ferguson accomplished this in just two hours. Mind you, the holes had been prepared ahead of time by some local labourers and we had to wait for the delivery of the stalks. But when they finally arrived we got right down to it. Our objective is get six hundred done by the end of the week!

IMG_9453_3_1.JPG (114798 bytes)Of course, the building of the trusses kept on going and I believe 6 pairs have been completed. We have made up some jigs which help quite a bit and the more we do the better we get at it.IMG_9504_11_1.JPG (166339 bytes)

Fortunately the wind has died down to an acceptable level and it was as risky to move them. They are still quite heavy and when I woke up this morning I knew exactly which muscles I had been using the day before. Somehow we all seemed to have the strength to keep going. You see, there is a God and He answers prayer!

IMG_9465_6_1.JPG (170434 bytes)The picture on the right is a group of brick-layers and labourers who wanted their picture taken. I thought it was only the kids who mugged for pictures! I surprised them all by making prints over the lunch break and delivered them on the afternoon break. They couldn't believe their eyes! They had never seen prints so quickly!


IMG_9489_9_1.JPG (164190 bytes)Some of us are trying to get Pastor Larry to put the swimming pool repairs higher on the priority list but there are always so many other things. We have to separate our needs from our wants. Oh well, Penny & Muriel had fun posing for the picture!