The completed roof panels had to be moved off the floor so that the floor could not only be grouted but also serve as a work area to build the walls.

Nicaragua highlights

Kim Hamilton, Johnny (staff) and Doris Vega are pictured here painting classrooms.

The Bike Shop

Making up the Book Bags for the children plus a view of the sorted uniforms.

The children come to get their new uniforms.

Verla and Marlene discuss a very serious matter that affects the whole team.

Sue, Aletha and Verla begin sorting clothes in the living room.

Doug Kirkwood tells us why we keep losing power over at the warehouse.

You need the right tools and the right parts!

Ronald is drafting out a plan and then goes to the “Tool Shed” which he calls the “Junk Shed”

Larry Wright speechless?

Starting the floor of the Model Home.

Raising the wall of the Model Home and sliding it into place.

Measure twice, cut once!

Fastening the re-bar into place.

Slinging the “Mud”

Jessica & Rena show their technique!

Our initial reaction upon entering the warehouse...

Moving a skid of sorted boxes.

Building the box-beams for the ceilings of the classrooms


The first video is an 8 minute presentation of stills and video cuts of the 2011 trip to Nicaragua.