Sunday Feb. 19th
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Today was our first full day in Nicaragua. The temperature is in the high 80's and because we're 2500 feet above sea level there are very strong winds. What we would have given to have a "breeze" like this in Belize!

IMG_7780_1_1_1.JPG (76791 bytes)After breakfast Larry and Donna gave us a tour of the compound describing what activities are going on and their vision for the future.

Today was meant to be a time to assess their needs, prioritize them and start assigning project leaders to plan the work that will make it all happen.

IMG_7809_2_1_1.JPG (56292 bytes)Our main project is the Pastor's house which is to be constructed adjacent to the church. That being the case, there are two walls already present and the house will tie into them.

You will see in the pictures a view of that space and the foundation wall that has been prepared for our arrival.

IMG_7812_3_1_1.JPG (69379 bytes)The other pictures are some scenes of the main building and some of our crew talking to Larry.

IMG_7848_6_1_1.JPG (57722 bytes)Shirley Peterson is examining one of the sewing machines we hope to use.

Also planned is a Computer Lab for the school which opened on Feb. 5th. All the computers made it down safely and they will be put to very good use.

IMG_7830_4_1_1.JPG (38275 bytes)Larry & Donna had hoped to register up to 100 children in the school but the Lord had other plans and over 260 are enrolled!

This year the school goes up to grade 6 and next year it will be to grade 8.



IMG_7851_8_1_1.JPG (20752 bytes)  IMG_7852_7_1_1.JPG (28943 bytes)   

Above are pictures from the evening church service in which we participated.

IMG_7847_5_1_1.JPG (45247 bytes) These boys are children of mission employees who live in the compound.