Camiri, Bolivia South America 2017


OBC Missions 2017


The floor of the school is concrete and over the years it has decayed and peeled in many areas.

We are hoping to be able to repair it and leave it with a new smooth finish.

Our goals for the school & church in Camiri


There are many maintenance items we will be taking care of this year.

New tables and chairs will be purchased and painted by the team.

We also plan to get some decorations to brighten up the classroom.

Kindergarten Classroom

Electrical Wiring

School Flooring

As you can see, the wiring isn’t up to code—neither theirs, nor ours!

Doug Kirkwood will be kept very busy for the week.

Anyone working with him is going to get a crash course in wiring and will come back with new knowledge for sure!

General Maintenance

There is also a lot of work to be done in the church next door to the school.

We will prioritize the needs and do as much as we can.

Oakridge teams are known for their attention to details and we hope to live up to that standard yet again.