Oakridge Bible Chapel’s Adult Mission Team 2016

A team of workers from Oakville, Ontario and around the globe

OBC Missions — Copperbank Belize 2016 —

Our goals will be to complete the main floor as much as possible.  This will include the following:


  1. 1)Finish the washrooms so they are functional.  The Church in Copperbank has been digging a well and are close to water. (Should be there by the time we arrive)  We would like to get water to the building, and pipe in a cistern on the roof and install plumbing fixtures.

2)  We are having doors measured and priced to install on all the entrances and rooms on the main floor.

3) Lights and switches will need to be installed in all the rooms. This will require some pipe work and we will bring down the necessary tools for this.

4) We understand that all the inside parging is complete and the main floor is ready for paint on all the ceilings and walls. 

5) The church there has received a large number of books and curriculum for Teen Mission.  They would like to sort through, organize and categorize these books to start a Library.


Depending on how our funds stretch we will also price out how much it will cost to purchase windows for the second floor.   Also depending on our labour force and budget we may look at putting in railings on the staircase and second floor balcony.

The Team arrives February 13th — Check back daily to follow our progress.

Plans for the Bible School, Youth Centre