Copperbank 2015

The Oakridge Adult Mission Team’s primary focus this year is to finish the first floor of the Bible School/Hurricane Shelter so it is usable for the community.

The third floor added last year will be the roof of the building for now.

John Campbell and Gary Richard went down in November to order windows and other such materials to be ready for our arrival in February.


Main Focus: Finishing the first floor

We will finally be able to put in a Hydro pole and hook into the local supply. Until this year we had been running a very long extension cord from the Pastor’s house, across the road and through a neighbour’s backyard to the job site. Pictured at the right is Gary Richard & Bob Agnew working on the Hydro box for our project back in ’05.

All the while we will be completing the wiring and plumbing for the main floor. And of course plumbing includes bathrooms and septic systems. So... we have to dig a great BIG hole for the septic tank. I don’t think there’s room to get a back-hoe in so it looks like it will be manual labour. At least it will be in the shade! Any volunteers?

We also plan to build a staircase to the second floor.

We have a large team of 30 people this year. Pray that all arrive safely as we are coming from four different airports. This site will be updated each evening depending on Internet access. The hotel we used last year is under new management and many facilities have been updated.

Thank you for your continued support!

A video presentation of our trip is available  by clicking here.