Copperbank 2014

Copperbank, Belize 2014


Early in January John Campbell and I (Bruce Pellowe) visited the site to assess the progress made since pouring the second floor 11 months ago.

The exterior walls have been completed as well as the supporting columns for the third floor.


Preparation for February...

Before leaving last year our ladies made up a considerable number of lengths of re-bar to be used in the making of the columns and the window and door headers. It saved a lot of time for the workers and there are only two short sections left over. Nothing has gone to waste!

Labourers have been hired, materials ordered and work will start right away to construct the forms for the beams that connect the columns and provide support for the floor. They will also place the long supports for the plywood forms. We will have to put in the short spacer pieces again.

Unlike last year where these beams were poured ahead of our arrival, this year we will pour the beams and the floor all at once. This will be more cost effective plus the beams and the floor will all be one piece from the same pour.

I was very impressed to see the first floor all cleaned up and looking very clean. There was a linoleum covered platform at one end that looked like a stage. Then I found out that the first floor space was used at Christmas for an event.

It is very satisfying to know that even in its “constructive state” this building is already being put to use in God’s community.