Belize 2013
OBC Missions 2013

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A Reflection...


Seven years ago the Oakridge Mission Team built a house for Pastor Artimio, a.k.a. Pastor Timmy. He wanted to plant a church in an area that had none.

So, we built a house and moved on to spend the the next six years in Nicaragua. Sometimes one wonders, “Whatever happened to… (name the project).”

Well let me tell you! There is now a church building two blocks from the house. It was built by another group. There are about 50 people coming regularly and about 15 children in the Sunday School.

There are other studies throughout the week and people are helping their neighbours when in need.

And it all started with his vision for their need and a place to live and call home provided by the generosity of those back home here in Canada.

Last year’s project was to start a building to be used as a Bible College, Youth Centre and also a Hurricane shelter when necessary.

It was a gruelling aggressive project!

We accomplished our goal getting the floor poured and the first floor walls up. We are returning in this year to do the second floor! I can’t imagine getting the wheel-barrows of cement up to the next level! (There’s talk of bringing in a crane or possibly a concrete pump). Now that’s something to pray for!

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