Belize 2012

Oakridge Bible Chapel Adult Missions - Copperbank, Belize


Below is a picture of the 2005 team posing in front of the house that we built in five days for Pastor Artimio and Noemi in Copperbank, Belize.


have returned a couple of times to work with the youth in Copperbank. Pastor Timmy is burdened to build a Bible School to train leaders for the church in Copperbank and for several newly established works in the North East of Belize.

We have committed to partner with him in this endeavour by helping to construct the building. Pastor Timmy has already acquired the property to build on.

The Team is now complete and looking forward to leaving in a few weeks. Some of us were there previously in 2005 and others will be in Belize for their first time. There are also those who are with the team for the first time.

Bible School Project

Date: Feb. 11-19

Oakridge Bible Chapel will be sending 25 people to Copperbank, Belize in 2012.

We need commitments as early as possible to arrange for flights and accommodation.

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Pastor Timmy & family

Oakridge is planning to return to Belize after serving for six years in Nicaragua. We will be working with Pastor Artimio, a.k.a. “Pastor Timmy” in Copperbank, a place we have served before.

Oakridge built a house for Pastor Timmy when he started the work there in 2005. Our young people

The Oakridge Team of 2005

Some of the kids we met

Made on a Mac

Noemi & Artimio will be here this Fall for the fund-raising dinner on Saturday Oct. 22, 2011

The Team will be staying in Corozal in the north of Belize.

The work site is about 20 minutes southeast.

Belize borders under Mexico on the Caribbean Sea.