Nicaragua 2011


Oakridge will again be traveling to World Mission Outreach just north-west of Managua to assist Larry & Donna Wright in their relentless effort to feed, clothe, educate and minister to the needy.

Oakridge will be sending 29 people to partner with WMO for a week. They come from all walks of life to lend a helping hand wherever they can.

No particular skill is required other than a heart to help make a change in someone’s life. If you know which end of a hammer to hold onto then you can be of service!

John Campbell has provided this list of chores we can expect to engage in...

The "To Do" list...

  1. Some will be working at the school in the mornings every day.

  2. There is lots of painting to do.

  3. Roger has lots of locks & doors to repair & is bringing lock sets with him.

  1. There will be some things to do in the Woodworking Shop.

  2. Alice, and others, will be working with the women teaching sewing.

  3. The biggest project is building two new classrooms, which will go
        against the outside wall of the playground. The ground has been leveled
        to facilitate this.

  4. A covered walkway will be built to allow students to walk to these new


    We will be using the reinforced Styrofoam type construction we used on

    Edgard's house.

There are lots of little jobs which we will add as we see how things

shape up. At times we will need a lot of people on the classrooms, at

other times we need just a few. Hopefully we can quickly get them to a stage where Doug Kirkwood can begin the wiring. Others can work on plumbing etc.

Bring your flexibility, it's Nicaragua!

Eric Jolin will follow us  a week later with 19 people from his church in Burlington, On. They will be concentrating on the children's Camp cabins. They shipped a 40' container recently with lumber, clothing, over 100 bicycles & other miscellaneous things.

This site will be updated daily once the trip is under way. Please check back daily to follow our progress.


Oakridge Bible Chapel - Adult Mission trip Feb. 12 - 20

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Pictured in header:

WMO site at km 19

The Bike Shop

Maria & Katy

Ulysses & Israel