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Unbelievable! We're done! Another trip is now history and we're getting packed and ready to fly home Sunday afternoon.

We "slept in" 'till seven this morning and walked around with Larry to the various job sites showing him all that was completed and noting the few deficiencies yet to be taken care of. Our main stop on the tour was the Medical Center where the dropped ceiling has made a world of difference. For the first time it actually looks like a Medical facility actually exists here. Whenever I've been in the "old warehouse" as it was once known, I always had a hard time imagining a clinic in there. Now it's not a problem.

Above right Larry is looking at the Men's & Ladies washrooms which were installed in what used to be a forty foot container. A job well done headed up by the Jolin brothers Ronald & Gerard.

We walked around the courtyard observing all the newly painted walls. It really is a bright and beautiful change. Note also in this picture the pool. It has a lot of dirt and refuse in it. It probably hasn't had water in it for over 20 years. Maybe someday...

Larry saw the computer room for the first time and the smile on his face was priceless. He instantly pictured the kids sitting there using the English teaching program.

While waiting to go on our trip to the volcano, Phil Jolin was playing a bit of soccer outside the main gate. Would you believe it? The ball gets bounced out onto the roadway just as a small truck was coming along. We all watched to see if it would contact the truck and how far it might be bounced down the road. It contacted the truck alright - directly under the front left wheel. The truck went right over it and the ball exploded like a bomb! What a noise! We all stood there in disbelief - you couldn't have done that purposely no matter how hard you tried. We all burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all! The kids suddenly turned from laughter to disappointment as they realized they had lost their precious ball. Not to worry, I told them I would find another - and I did.

We went for our annual visit to the volcano and even though I've been before it's always different. This year there was more smoke coming out of it than I had seen before, so it made for somewhat hazy pictures. At least the sun was out and the sky was clear to make the best of it. Pictured here is Garrett Southworth at the edge of the volcano.

The other picture is a group of our people who climbed to the upper lookout. Unseen in the photo is the giant cross erected many many years ago to ward of the evil spirits coming up from the depths of the earth through the volcano.

From there we went to the market for some souvenirs and finally ended the day at the Pacific Ocean for a swim, some more sun and dinner as the sun went down. Once again it was a great day and all enjoyed some wonderful seafood and good company.

Have you seen the show "While You Were Out"? Well, while we were out a kitchen make-over was in progress by the Mission staff and it was to be a big surprise for Donna when we returned.

From all the generous donations from CIBC's Control Division we were able to provide a new gas stove for the Mission house. This freed up the old stove to go into the church kitchen which feeds the school children each day and all the conferences. Previously they were using a six foot open fire barbeque which wasn't too safe. Pictured here is Donna Wright and CIBC's Marlene Warwick.

The pantry and all the kitchen cupboards were also painted and shelving paper installed all around.


I want to say thank you to all who were involved in this year's Mission Trip. This likely includes hundreds of people and you know who you are. Aside from those that gave their time to travel to Nicaragua there are many who generously sponsored team members, came to the fund raising dinner, donated to the kitchen renovation, donated to the sound system, sent emails of encouragement, donated items to the Women's Prison, donated soccer balls and of course prayed diligently for us while away. We couldn't do it without you.

A special thanks to Blake Stewart and Fern Hill Private School for organizing the donation of school uniforms and also to Norm Thornton at Long & McQuade Burlington for donated sound equipment items.

On behalf of Larry & Donna and all the team members and In His service,

Bruce Pellowe