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Today we started on our various projects. It takes a little while to get our supplies and tools together the first day as well as organizing a plan of attack. But things got rolling and we'll pick up speed as the week goes on.

IMG_3010_5.JPG (28993 bytes)IMG_3012_7.JPG (59017 bytes)Several things were going on in the Medical Center. A local tradesman was hired to lay floor tile. Garrett Southworth, Gerard, Philippe and Ronald Jolin got busy converting two of the containers that make up part of the center - one, into a Men's &  Women's washroom and the other into an office area.

Greg Penny and Eric Jolin were busy figuring out how to put up the suspended ceiling in the waiting room area. It will prove to be challenging as it's quite a large area measuring about 45' x 30' and the ceiling will be 10 feet high.

IMG_3011_6.JPG (56514 bytes)IMG_3016_8.JPG (56867 bytes)John Cachia and his painting team got busy in the new computer lab while John Hamilton was busy painting the exterior walls of the school and Medical Center with Grant Yake. John says Wilma was assigned to his team but he never saw her all day. I told him that was because she was moving so fast!

IMG_3003 copy_1.jpg (54757 bytes)Before things really got going our musicians were asked to take part in the school assembly. We were caught off-guard with this and went over in our work clothes and performed several songs for the kids including one in Spanish that Greg had learned. With one of the teachers translating I gave a word of encouragement to the youngsters telling them why we come down each year and how we rely on the Lord's strength to do so much work in one week. I also showed them a picture of me shoveling snow just before we left on the trip.

Anne Stewart and Penny-Jane Southworth were at the school today teaching the kids some songs. Apparently Anne's voice was very hoarse by noon. But the kids were listening - because when Anne & I went to visit a family after work today, several of the children recognized her! So she started singing a song and the kids were singing along and doing the hand actions too! That is such a blessing!

IMG_3009_4.JPG (78489 bytes)Howard Rowlison & Aaron Penny were busy building tables for the new computer lab. They rounded up some used doors which are being cut to size and mounted on steel frames.

IMG_3007_3.JPG (69753 bytes)Graham Johnson was busy putting his mechanical skills to the test trying to get a number of lawn-mowers operational. After scrounging parts from the un-operable units he ended up with two that should work. The test will be tomorrow when we have some gas to put in them.

After finishing with the mowers Graham headed over to weld the frames for Howard & Aaron. It's always handy to have an arc-welder with us!

IMG_3006_2.JPG (60570 bytes)Dean Reynolds and myself (Bruce Pellowe) were sent over to the warehouse to sort out 20 computers donated by Nissan and bring them to life. We were successful with 14 of them and there's some hope for the others if we can get past the password that protects them. We had five or six loading Windows at the same time and got our exercise running back and forth answering several screens of questions as the installations progressed.

As for my laptop it is still not able to put pictures with these reports - but I've finally worked out a temporary solution. So don't forget to click back to Sunday's page.