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IMG_1157_1_1.JPG (440283 bytes)Our last day with Larry & Donna and we decided to go to the Volcano, the Market and finally to the Pacific Ocean to have dinner at a restaurant on the beach - same one as in 2006.

While waiting to board our mini-bus "Queen Kong" decided she needed a little lovin' and curled up around Penny's neck. That little tail of hers has quite a grip! Penny didn't mind and will miss her when we're gone.

IMG_1172_3_1.JPG (308148 bytes)IMG_1183_5_1.JPG (616035 bytes)Off we went to the volcano and even though this was the third trip for some of us it is always an awesome sight to behold. New for all of us was the stairway to the top observation platform being open. None of us has ever gone up there before. It's quite a climb but the two youngest in our group just had to have a race to the top. I'm not sure who won - Joel or Matt Penny? Maybe it was a tie - you'll have to ask them.

IMG_1171_2_1.JPG (409421 bytes)IMG_1180_4_1.JPG (287232 bytes)Here is Lynn & Greg looking down into a live, smoking volcano. I suppose it would be even more exciting if you could see the lava bubbling - or maybe not! Either way you can smell the sulphur in the air and when the sign in the parking lot says to back into your space for a quick getaway - that makes it exciting enough!

I hope we return to the volcano again next year because there is another crater on the other side of the parking lot that I didn't know about until we were ready to leave. I will check that out upon our return.

We then went to the market were we bought some of those "touristy" things. We had an hour to poke around but it really isn't enough - especially if you're looking for that bargain. There are a lot of similar items in some of the stalls and there's always one vendor who will give you a better price if you take the time to look. We were all quite hot getting back on the bus and John Cachia was kind enough to buy us all an ice cream from a vendor. Thanks again John!

IMG_1192_6_1.JPG (502726 bytes)IMG_1197_7_1.JPG (534088 bytes)The Bike Shop sign is finally installed! When we got back from the market we put the sign up at the shop's new location in the new warehouse across the road from the Mission. John Cachia is seen turning in the bolts holding it to the wall and then John Campbell hoisted the sign into place while the guys tightened the chains. Antonio, the bike mechanic, and his helper stood proudly under it with big smiles on their faces. Let's hope this makes more people aware of the service. A big thanks to Don Hay for the vinyl graphics, Penny Southworth who spear-headed the project and John Campbell & Roger Keller for their help with welding etc.

IMG_1199_8_1.JPG (662293 bytes)IMG_1202_9_1.JPG (582605 bytes)The playground was also finished up yesterday and when we went over to see it after lunch today two little girls were already playing on the see-saw. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words then just look at her face which makes all the hard work worthwhile!

IMG_1203_10_1.JPG (530535 bytes)It seems to me that a couple of big girls found the swing-set! Wilma & Ruth must be going through their second childhood! Oh well... young at heart.


IMG_1213_1_1.JPG (448667 bytes)IMG_1211_13_1.JPG (402178 bytes)Off we went to the beach for some more sunshine, swimming and finally dinner. A great time was had by all and Eric Nowak finally got to do something he has always dreamed about - riding a horse along a beach! Both he and Megan went for numerous jaunts up and down the shore-line at a swift canter. There are pictures on someone else's camera that I hope to get later to add to this site.

IMG_1269_14_1.JPG (509656 bytes)Eric Jolin brought along the children he and his wife sponsor. Only one of them had ever been in the ocean before. I'm sure this will be a day they will remember for quite some time. They joined us for dinner as we watched the sun set yet again.

IMG_1280_15_1.JPG (270481 bytes)There was hardly a cloud in the sky all day - but just when I needed it for this dramatic photo - God provided!

We'll all try to get a good night's sleep and look forward to returning home to our families and friends tomorrow. It's been a great week doing the Lord's work!

A personal note...
IMG_1118 copy_1.jpg (241226 bytes)Once again I want to thank all those that followed our journey via these web pages. Many of you have prayed daily for us and at times we needed it. Your comments and encouragements were read each day and posted on the Comments Page.

There's been a few cuts and scrapes but nothing that kept us from the job at hand.

Thanks to the many people who supplied the toiletries and gifts for the Women's Prison Ministry, I only wish you could have been there to see the inmate's appreciation.

Also, many of you donated clothing for the children and it has all been distributed. Thank you!

We'll be home late Sunday night - 10:30 or so, see you then...
On behalf of all the Team,
Bruce Pellowe